Anaksha: Female Assassin

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Anaksha: Female Assassin
I would gladly say that this is now my favorite sniper game. Why? Well a very mature profound, almost Hollywood-like story. You play a woman who have experienced alot in her life and in the the cutscene you get a good overview why the woman is as she is. She tries to live clean in a city filled with rapists of women and other people who have done terrible things. She vows revenge and retribution to the people who burned their wives or do other such terrible things. So this game is not too squeamish to violence. Before each mission, there is a story that you should read in order to fully enjoy the game. Of course, all of these are in English and, therefore a very good knowledge of English is required to identify the right people (You have to know the English words for the hair shapes, forms and other things like beard). Despite the violence in the game, the story and the background is just amazing for a flash game. And so it belongs here! Maybe I'll even publish a translation list to help you find the right people. You can zoom with the "mouse wheel", this is impractical because of the browser. Use "Q/A" instead of the mouse wheel to zoom!
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