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Post subject: Ballerburg 
Posted: 07.01.2008, 18:43
License: Freeware
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Description IconDescription :

This game is a remake of the classic by Eckhard Kruse with a few more enhancements. You can either play against the computer or against another human player. The aim of the game is to shoot the opponent's king.

The castles and landscapes can be chosen as desired. At each castle there are cannon with adjustable angle and fire power. The wind plays a vital role in guiding the missiles. Cannon balls and gunpowder have to be purchased. Get money by taxing the people of the castle. But, do be careful about your taxation laws. Unsatisfied people run to the other castle.

Features IconFeatures :

- Great remake
- Multiplayer (on PC)
Requirements IconRequirements :

- Intel Pentium II or Gleichwertige
- nVidia TNT Graphics Card or Gleichwertige
- 64 MB RAM
- DirectX 9

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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