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Corporate Property

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Corporate Property
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Post subject: Corporate Property 
Posted: 30.09.2012, 20:32
License: Freeware
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Description IconDescription :

Corporate Property is a free game, developed by 11 students from Germany. It's a mix between Portal and Mirros Edge. Try to flee form the test chambers while the security system is trying to stop us from doing it. So we jump and run through the level to survive and flee.

Features IconFeatures :

- Crispy sharp 3d graphics
- XBOX-Controller
- Varied levels
Requirements IconRequirements :

- Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
- Processor 3 Ghz
- 2GB Ram
- 3D Graphics Card with 256MB Ram
- DirectX

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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Post subject: BROKEN 
Posted: 08.07.2013, 06:43

Straight Broken. Gone forever.

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