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Darkest Island

Action Game

Darkest Island
Votes(480) Score :4.2
Post subject: Darkest Island 
Posted: 21.11.2007, 21:25
License: Freeware
Downloads: 218748x

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Description IconDescription :

An impressive 3D action game. You wake up in something that looks like a hospital room and you shoot your way through to find out what happened to you.

You follow a random girl's voice. Soon you find out that it perhaps is not a hospital and you realize that even the people around aren't real humans. To make it worse there are soldiers following you on this island ... Can it get any worse?

Features IconFeatures :

- Nice story
- Good 3D engine
Requirements IconRequirements :

- 1.2 GHz Processor
- 512 MB Ram
- Windows 9x/XP
- Graphics Card with 128 MB Ram

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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Download Icon WindowsDownload (Windows) - (236 MB)

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Posted: 16.04.2013, 19:42

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