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Post subject: Hurrican 
Posted: 01.09.2007, 14:38
License: Freeware
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Description IconDescription :

Hurrican is a game of jumping and shooting which is based on the Turrican series. Blast your way through nine action-packed levels with power-ups against various enemies. This game reminds me more of Contra3 than Turrican.

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Features IconFeatures :

- Both single-player mode, 2 players simultaneously mode
- Four different difficulty levels in order to offer the same pros as noobs fun in the game
- 9 huge levels full of secrets and filled with numerous opponents
- Over 25 different tracks care for musical variety and the right atmosphere in each level
- Eight powerful weapon systems for the never-ending shooting fun
- Particle system for a variety of fire, smoke and flame effects like explosions
- rock-hard boss, who are not quite standard
- Control over keyboard and gamepad / joystick
- High score list, save function after each level
Requirements IconRequirements :

- 1 Ghz Rechenleistung
- 256MB Memory
- 3D-beschleunigte Graphics Card
- 1024x1024 Pixeln handhaben

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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