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I've got some Balls

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I've got some Balls
Votes(3) Score :3.7
Post subject: I've got some Balls 
Posted: 25.09.2006, 23:40
License: Freeware
Downloads: 6126x

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Description IconDescription :

In I've Got Some Balls, you accompany a small ball through dangerous worlds. The goal of the game is to collect all the diamonds as fast as possible.

You encounter many dangers related to long jumps along with crazy roller coasters, loops and more. To tackle this you have different colored balls which have special features like 2x speed, jumping power, etc.

This is a classic game and makes a lot of fun.

Features IconFeatures :

- 17 variety of levels
- Different balls with special skills
- Break your own records :-)
Requirements IconRequirements :

- DirectX 6.0 or higher
- Direct3D-Kompatibele Graphics Card with mindestens 4MB Ram
- DirectSound-Kompatibele Soundcard
- Pentium 166 MMX or higher
- 32 MB RAM or meh

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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