Papa's Burgeria

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Papa's Pizzeria
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Papa's Burgeria
So then, in this game you have to prove yourself as a burger cook like Spongebob. You take the order first, then grill the meat at the request of the customer, and build up an artfully burger to get your customers leaving a big tip for your juicy burgers. So first take the orders, than go to the grill and cook it until we come to the end and have to decorate the rest and server it finally to get a good tip.

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Posted: 26.07.2017, 19:08

this game is wasting my time i am waiting for it to work who plays this game all the time like it will also wast your time and battery so do play this game who ever created this izzygames it has cool games but this on is not working i am sorry that you read this but it is true it is wasting my good time.

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Posted: 09.04.2022, 22:46