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Police Pursuit 2
In Police Pursuit 2, we take on the role of a patrol officer, chasing down suspects in our car. In the city, we receive various tasks, mostly involving ramming and destroying suspicious vehicles, but we can also complete other tasks along the way. Most tasks are time-based and therefore limited. It is important to use "Shift" to drift and steer better around corners. We steer normally with the arrow keys and use the space bar to activate our "Nitro."

tags: 3d, police, ramming, tasks, destroy, car, gta

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Post subject: your games
Posted: 03.07.2024, 20:35

I actually like the driving of games but the game roads and display is very lonely and the police pursuit 2 game is like it has no motive when I am standing next to the suspect it doesnt even tell me that what should I do with the suspect you should atleast have a session which tells instructions and how to play the game and it takes I lot of time to open the game it shows loading and takes a lot of time please make the changes and tell what to do with the suspect when we catch it please email ,text me when you are done making the changes you can even create a session in the game which tells us how to play and what to do with suspect please read and follow my review it will improve your game and it will make your game as the one of the best game and when I go to help section it doesnt even give me a place where I can ask question my review is actually very long and helpful it will help you

thank you for reading and please use my suggestions if you want my rating for game it is 4 out of 5 I will give you 5 out of 5 if you improve your game

Post subject:
Posted: 04.07.2024, 08:34

Hey, thanks for the feedback, sadly this game will not get any updates anymore. As it's outdated. So try to enjoy the game as it is. Sorry

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