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Post subject: Restaurantmanager 
Posted: 20.12.2007, 23:48
License: Freeware
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Description IconDescription :

The restaurant manager is a complex, yet easy-to-use business simulation. Your job is to open restaurants, hire staff, Set up the restaurant, to determine recipes and much more. There will be many obstacles in the way and not all guests will be satisfied. You may also have to face the health department, or your cooking chef destroys the whole kitchen.

Features IconFeatures :

- About 120 employees
- 40 different recipes
- 48 different furniture's
- City with more than 1000 houses
- stock trading and initial public offering
- Unlimited play time in 4 different speeds
- Various Advertising (cinema advertising, flyers, etc)
Requirements IconRequirements :

- Pentium 200 Processor
- 32 MB RAM
- 20 MB freier Disc Space
- Eine 4 MB-Graphics Card
- DirectX7
- Es werden die Visual Basic 6 Runtimes benötigt. Diese sind auf den allermeisten PC's installiert. Sie können die Runtimes bei

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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Download IconDownload via Downloadmanager :

Download Icon WindowsDownload (Windows) - (3 MB)

Misc :

Visual Basic 6 Runtimes Hier bei Microsoft!

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