Solitaire Quest Pyramid

Card Game

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Tiki Solitaire
4 Colors

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Solitaire Quest Pyramid
In Solitaire Quest Pyramid there are many level in which we have to sort the card decks. To do so we can put 1 higher or lower card on the staple. The goal in each level is to get rid of all cards and sort them into the one on the bottom. The color doesn't play a role for that. A joker should be used on smart spots. More card games also for your mobile phone or tablet.

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Walkthrough as a Video
Post subject: Lost levels
Posted: 12.11.2017, 21:47

Why does the game return to the beginning the next day? How do I save it to pick up where I left?

Post subject:
Posted: 06.01.2018, 15:30

How can I keep the game from level 12 for the next day instead of starting over at 1.

Post subject: game won't load
Posted: 15.06.2022, 04:57

The game only loads as far as Level Select but there is nothing there to select.