Starcraft Tower Defense 2

Tower Defense

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Starcraft Tower Defense 2
This game is not just for die-hard fans but also for Tower Defense freaks. Because the graphics and sound-table of the game are very sophisticated. Otherwise it's just the typical rules, build towers, where you have very little money at the beginning and has to act very clever to proceed further here.
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Post subject: Game does not work
Posted: 20.05.2015, 21:15

Game isn't working just like all the other versions of this game.

The guns will just simply not shoot or stop shooting. Sucks this was a great game too.

Post subject: ddgdffv
Posted: 16.04.2016, 18:23

Post subject: Starcraft
Posted: 26.05.2022, 21:36

Wow oh Wow.. Ooh happy happy joy joy.
I can't believe this game is back and better than before.
Note: You can't zoom or change window size, game will not work.