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Post subject: Starship 
Posted: 13.09.2007, 16:13
License: Freeware
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Description IconDescription :

Starship is built on the success of the old 2D era, Raptor. Who Raptor is not a term, let me explain it in detail.. Raptor is an old 2D PC game, played from a bird's eye view as a jet fighter pilot. You have to destroy all the enemies to save the world. At the end of each level you will meet a boss, who is a bit harder to defeat.

Features IconFeatures :

- Programming language is C++ 8.0 DX
- Various weapon systems
- Sound effects
- Pixel-precise collision detection
- Various pieces of music
- Different types of enemies, which each have their own tactics
- 3 bosses
- 3 levels - space battles
- Various systems for particle effects
- Different types of powerups
Requirements IconRequirements :

- CPU 700Mhz
- Win9x/-2000/-XP/-Vista
- DirectX 8 or higher

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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Starship Image 2

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