The Temple of Anubis

Marble Popper Game

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The Sorcerer
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The Temple of Anubis
18 exciting levels awaits us in the marble popper game Temple of Anubis. With oriental music in the background we shoot the colorful balls onto the moving chain. Our goal in each level of this game is to completely remove the chain before it reaches the end.
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Post subject: Favorite Games
Posted: 23.08.2017, 02:41

Having insomnia, I find myself on your game site all different hours of the week. No matter the hour or day, your games take forever to load. However, I love Izzy's games, especially the Hidden Objects. The only thing keeping me away is the lengthy time it takes any of the games to load. Sometimes as much as 10 minutes.
I do hope you actually read these messages. Izzy has gone from the 5th possition to the 3rd since I first started playing. It's the loading time that has keeps most of the players away. Besides, it's one of the safest sites which is a big plus for me.
Love you Izzy