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Those Funny Funguloids

Linux Game

Those Funny Funguloids
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Post subject: Those Funny Funguloids 
Posted: 03.10.2007, 23:04
License: Freeware
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Description IconDescription :

The beautiful graphics and nice background music of Those Funny Fungloids have really made it to my favorites. I don't know why, but it seems relaxing.

You fly through space in something like drops and need to collect different colored mushrooms. The galaxy color also determines how many points you get for the fungus collected.

Your enemies are black holes or or asteroids that redirect your path. In addition, you will be attracted to follow the orange parts which later lure in traps.

Features IconFeatures :

- Enjoy free time :-P
Requirements IconRequirements :

- Pentium / AMD with 2000 MhZ+
- Direct3D or OpenGL
- 512 MB RAM
- Windows 95/98/NT/xP or Linux
- DirectX 8.0+

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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