Ahriman's Prophecy

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Ahriman's Prophecy
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Posted: 09.09.2007, 21:42
License: Freeware
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Description IconDescription :

Ahriman's Prophecy is played in a beautiful fantasy world which has been doomed to be destroyed by a daemon. To stop the prophecy, you send the sisters of the light to different quests and hopefully stop the prophecy from happening. If you like games like Final Fantasy 6 or Chrono Trigger, you will love Ahriman's Prophecy.

Features IconFeatures :

- 50+ hours of gameplay
- 40+ quests
Requirements IconRequirements :

- Pentium II
- 256 MB RAM
- 10MB Disc Space
- Windows 95/98/NT/xP
- DirectX 5.0+

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