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cantankerous TANK
cantankerousTANK is a crazy name for a game, I just wanted to tell you. But since I have had a bad day, I was in for some for some destruction, and so I liked it but only after I found out how to control the tank. You can't use the "mouse" in the menu. In the menu you can choose 1-2 players. The game has a very clear design enabling multiplayer on one keyboard, so its perfect to play with your buddy during school breaks. One of you control the tank with the following controls: "U,H,J,K" and "S" to move, "space bar" to shoot, and "A,D" to control the board level. Your pal, the second player controls his mean of transport with the "left and right arrow keys" and takes aim with his weaponry with "4.6" on the num-pad. He can shoot with "0" on the num-pad. After you have studied the control and you are allowed to put the whole city to rubble, a lot of fun! But it also pays to destroy only the marked houses and cars, otherwise you are penalized.
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