New Soccer 2018

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New Soccer 2018
New Soccer 2018 is an easy soccer game. We only control and play as one player in the team using only "one-button" to win the games. The other players are controlled by the computer. To shoot the ball we press the "left mouse button" or use the "finger" to tap. On the other hand the play will follow our gesture in which direction we swipe the "finger" or the "mouse". If an player of our team has the ball we can use the same logic to make him pass to us or to tackle. After a few minutes we get used to the controls and try to win the world cup.

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Posted: 07.12.2018, 03:31

My team won last week so I decide to get some tips for the next battle from Return Man 3 on freegames66.com. But I am here and will try to finish it to get more guides from the opponents.

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