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Bubble Hit Halloween
Unfortunately, a little delayed because Halloween is already over, but still a Halloween version of Bubble Shooter. Very nicely done, shoot the right heads to bring three pairs together and pick up the score.
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Post subject: Bubble Hit Halloween
Posted: 10.06.2021, 20:02

I enjoyed playing Bubble Hit Halloween even though it was not Halloween. It was a fun game and I don't see why it was discontinued just because it wasn't Halloween.
I am 82 years old and can't afford to pay for games so I really enjoyed playing this one without having to pay.

Post subject:
Posted: 11.06.2021, 08:07

Hello, it's not our fault that it's not playable anymore. Browsers decided to close down all Flash support. And this game is made in Flash. Maybe in a few month it could work again when the "emulator" is ready but we can't promise it sorry.

You can still play this game here Bubble Hit. It's basically the same game but with a different theme.