Orange Ranch

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Orange Ranch
Orange Ranch is an extension or sequel to Orange Bubbles. In this bubble shooter we have to remove the oranges from the field. Therefore we have to match at least 3 same colored bubbles. We use the "mouse" or the "finger" to do so. After each level we can invest in our farm and plant trees or similar. More bubble shooter games also for your mobile phone or tablet.
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Post subject: game
Posted: 16.01.2016, 12:52


Post subject: Game
Posted: 26.01.2016, 19:52

Orange ranch is a fun addictive game that you can get caught up in for like an hour its that fun I guarantee you will have fun playing this game. 😄

Post subject: dishonest
Posted: 22.12.2022, 09:34

At level 2600, the ball no go where i shot, not go down at 3 or 4 balls. If i shot and go down 20 balls, after not have colour of my ball for shot, many balls very fast kill me. End of game.
Very dishonest software. Computer not want lose the match.
before 2600 levels I could choose where to hit, now I have to hit where the computer wants otherwise the game ends very quickly.Many thanks !!!!!

Post subject: Game over
Posted: 11.08.2023, 22:16

Why this game by 10 august, not go? I do one level every 20/25 to try. What you are changed? Impossible to play. Sistem not accept noone solution. In past I do 8800 levels, but my browser with new version have cancelled cookie and all my scores.
If you not want return before of 10 august, I not can play.Thanks.

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