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Description and infos about the game is a first-person shooter (FPS) game that combines elements from Minecraft and Fortnite. The player competes in a battle royale against other players, fighting to claim the top spot on the leaderboard while playing in a Minecraft-like world made of blocks. In the game, one can switch between weapons and crafting equipment to take out enemies or build a shelter. Players traverse rocks and castles to discover hidden chambers filled with treasures, such as ammunition for guns, shotguns, and other weapons.

Tags: Battle, Royale, Weapons, Action, Shooting, Crafting, Minecraft

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Post subject: Craftnite
Posted: 04.05.2023, 19:58

I can't even play the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post subject: BAD
Posted: 22.05.2023, 16:16

guyguyburger are bed player :((( ban hem pls do becus he chet ansd is bed. tank uyo

Post subject: bully
Posted: 12.06.2023, 06:18

so when i was playing BBcmaster223 woudnt stop killing me and he weally hurt my feelings >:(

Post subject: couldnt move :0
Posted: 17.07.2023, 17:51

for some reason when ib tried to actaully play the game i couldnt cause it wouldnt let me move or do anything

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