Pixel Crush Mania

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Pixel Crush Mania
Pixel Crush Mania is an enchanting match 3 game adorned with delightful pixel art and exhilarating boosters. We dive into a mesmerizing world filled with vibrant retro visuals, aiming to match three or more pixel tiles to eliminate them from the board and earn points. Activate dazzling boosters strategically to unleash their powers, like explosive bombs that clear multiple pixels or color-changing rockets that remove specific colors. Use the "mouse" or the "finger" to match pairs of 3 and fullfill the tasks, mostly by removing backgrounds. There is just a soft limit in how many stars we get for how fast we are in the level. There are 150 levels in total to play.

tags: match 3, levels, boosters, matching, pairs, tiles, pixel

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