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Game DESCRIPTION and infos about the game
Aether, another game from the makers of Spewer... I really do not know the game... Well that's how life plays sometimes. In any case I do not really know which category Aether fits into, it is certainly very creative and may not be suited for everybody, but just right for me. In Aether, there are several planets that all bear a secret or a mystery within themselves what can you do to solve it? It is not easy and you must take your time to solve it.. once you are off to another planet you have a whole new point of view to the things. The whole game is a little spiritual. You control a strange figure with "W,A,S,D" and shoot at the clouds with the "mouse click" to stick on to them and move on to the next planet, using the momentum. From there you can fly through the universe to visit other planets and make the world better by solving the puzzles.
Walkthrough as a Video
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