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Tile Guru
Tile Guru Match Fun is a relaxing Match 3 game where you help a friendly fairy bring order to the garden by clearing identical tiles. Match colorful garden motifs to earn coins. Just like in Triple Tile Match games, you can place a specific number of images in the bottom bar. When three identical motifs are there, they disappear. Be cautious, as if the bar fills without forming a trio, the level ends. You can only select images from the top of the stacks that aren't grayed out. Unlock power-ups like Undo, Rearrange, and Discard to combine cute ladybugs, blueberries, grapes, and other fruits. You unlock and get a free use of these power-ups one by one, courtesy of the fairy! To use them later, you'll need to spend the coins you earn for successfully completing each level.

tags: tile, match, three, 3, level, garaden

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