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BMW M3 Challenge

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BMW M3 Challenge
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Post subject: BMW M3 Challenge 
Posted: 28.09.2007, 16:49
License: Freeware
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Description IconDescription :

In BMW M3 Challenge, you will experience the joy of driving in a whole new dimension. BMW M3 Challenge is the official simulation of the new BMW M3 Coupe.

Select your favorite color out of the eight original colors of the BMW M3 colors and take a seat in the detailed simulated cockpit. Buckle up, press the starter button and take the car for a test drive on the Grand Prix circuit of the Nürburgrings.

Experience the new BMW M3 Coupe where it belongs - on the track.

Features IconFeatures :

- Stunning simulation of the BMW M3 Coupe.
- Choose from 4 different camera perspectives: Cockpit, Bonnet, Bumper and pursuer perspectives.
- All eight original colors to choose from
- Test Drive
- Time trial
- Weekend race with up to 15 opponents and 3 difficulty levels.
- Multiplayer Race with up to 15 human drivers on the Internet or LAN.
- Original Nurburgring Grand-Prix track and sprint variation.
- Replay function with many options
- Ghost vehicle for saving and loading. Save off your fastest time in Time Trial mode, and try to beat them.
Requirements IconRequirements :

- Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
- Processor 1.8 Ghz
- 512 MB Ram
- 3D Graphics Card with 64MB Ram
- DirectX

Screenshots IconScreenshots :

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