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Toy Defense
In the tower defense game called Toy Defense we have to place a toy army next to the way to beat the incoming waves of enemies. Of course we can also upgrade our units. Also the fast forward button will speed up the whole experience. So place your units like soldiers and tanks next to the path, defend the spots from the enemies and try to beat all levels. More tower defense games also for your mobile phone or tablet.
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Post subject: Not worth the time
Posted: 14.11.2021, 16:14

The towers are either ridiculously underpowered or too expensive. Match that with an AI that can't track an enemy with the flamethrower, the only early tower capable of dealing with armored vehicles, and you will find yourself shaking your head watching the enemies pass you by. The only saving grace is the fat that there are 100 lives that you can whittle away and hope to have 1 left to make it to the next level.

Post subject: game
Posted: 25.11.2023, 00:24

Fun but only for a few levels. after a while, you can't get anymore upgrades, because you have to complete maps you can't finish without upgrades, in order to get more upgrades.

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